19 January 2005

Operating Principles

Thought about this last night, but not soon enough to get in at the top of Kenny's enthusiastic contributions (sigh).

I'd like to suggest that we review only one film per post, and that we use the title of the film as the title of the post, in ALL CAPS. That will make it easier to browse the listings and see what's been reviewed. If you want to review a film, take a look at the listings first, and if someone else has already covered it, add your comments as Comments (with the Comments button), instead of starting a new post. That way, our collective thoughts will all hang there in one place.

For other kinds of non-review posts (like this one), call them whatever you want, and put the title in Initial Caps.

I think that will work for us. Also, if you haven't already, see Kenny's Rules for film criticism in The Usual Suspects.

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