02 April 2005

Serving Two Masters

I've been thinking about the views expressed a ways back, in which several of the Usual Suspects objected to the idea of burying their thoughts in the normally hidden Comments screens. I think if Pam can get them working the way they do on her son's blog, that will be a good compromise.

But I also recognize that I had two, possibly conflicting things in mind when setting up this forum. I saw it both as persistent conversation, and as information retrieval system. I thought it would be nice to capture some of our witty and charming rambles, so we could be entertained by them more than once (as well as share them with the rest of the world). I also wanted a way to tap into the knowledge these rambles represent, by establishing some organizing principles.

Now I'm thinking that a Search is the best way to manage the latter objective. I also appreciate it's in the nature of the blog for people to read what's on top. So I'm withdrawing my request for any particular protocol on the use of comments versus posts. Just do whatever the hell you want!


kenrolston said...

I am using this blog partly as journal of my own responses, and partly as a scouting tool to look for more stuff I like. I would have loved to see more dialog, but the lack of convergence in title viewed makes that less likely. Perhaps, in time, as the stack accummulates...

For example, Chris, if your DEAD MAN commentary had appeared as a blog entry rather than a buried subhead, my review would have been a comment to it.

CMM said...

I know I should just leave well enough alone as far as comments/posts go... but... this is just a little thing. Is there any way to have the date appear, along with the time? Or is it there somewhere, and I'm missing it?