30 March 2005

Hyperlinks, Good!

I read somewhere around the time of the Blogger acquisition that Google thinks blogs are good for the Internet. The theory is that blogs present another, highly personal, somewhat incorruptible dimension to the connectivity of things, thereby adding more neurons to the beast and making it more alive (as it were). So here at The Usual Suspects, we encourage the use of hyperlinks.

I mentioned this to Mr. Rolston, and he said something like "Well, yeah but you have to tell us how to do it!" So that's what I'm doing here.

While creating (or editing) a post, select a piece of text. Then click the little hyperlink icon in the tool bar (looks like a link of chain on top of a globe), and you'll be given a pop-up box that's prepopulated with http://. If you're going to type in a URL, type now. If you're cutting and pasting, do that. Just be sure you don't end up with http://http://, because that wouldn't work, would it?

If you're using Internet Explorer, I assume you're using the Google Toolbar. If not, for shame! On the Toolbar, there is a "Blog This" button. If you click it, the page you're viewing will be delivered, complete with link, right into your Blogger screen. How cool is that? If you're using Firefox, good for you. The same feature is available as an extension, but instead of a button, the Blog This option will be on the context menu behind your right mouse button.

Happy linking, folks. As Bill Bly once said to me, "Everything is hypertext."

(Does it strike you as odd that Blogger's own spellchecker doesn't recognize the words blog or Google?)


kenrolston said...

Yeah? Well, I got Firefox, and I went to your link to download BlogThis, and I got GoofyShit™. When downloading from the BlogThis link, I got a pop-up with the whimsical 'Install Successful' or some such message, OVERLAIN by a warning message that told me no download of this file was possible because it was not a valid install file. Clicked 'okay' on the warning message, and the 'Install Successful' note in the pop-up window magically disappeared. And no Blogthis feature is available on my context menu.

Heh! So there!

I blame society.

I will try again someday.

kenrolston said...

... and Kenny sagely observes that this injunction to Hyperlink should be added to the Rules of Engagement Section. And will evolve as software tragedies go through their inevitable evolutions.

Jan said...

I know, but I wonder why my blog on
http://nederlandverzuipt.blogspot.com got a direct hit from your blog.... ;)

CMM said...

If you're using Internet Explorer, shame on you! Get Netscape or Something Else. You'll be glad you did.